To become the exemplar of quality and innovation in the pastry and bakery market and to improve our competitiveness, providing professional solutions for our customers.

To create in abroad synergies in order to develop an innovative retail network based on our products.



  • Passion for our job
    With passion for our sweet creations, we constantly provide better products and services.
  • Sincerity and professional solutions for the customer
    We provide integrative support to our customers, offering effective solutions.
  • Investing in employees
    We are diligent in their constant training, to share our enthusiasm with them and create employees with love and responsibility for their work.
  • Responsibility for safety and environment
    We are committed to ensure employees’ safety and to develop and implement environmental friendly practices.

We support our suppliers, in order to provide us with exceptional raw materials and quality solutions in our production procedures.

Our reputation, is the result of company’s investments in continuous research for the development of quality recipes - products, the strict selection of suppliers, consistently to customers and respecting the final consumer.

Our homemade recipes are based on the French pastry (bouncy creams without excessive sugar). With our experience gained over the years in France, Belgium and Greece, we combine the French taste standards with the taste requirements of the Greeks. We constantly improve the taste of our products, take into consideration the opinions of our customers, and always strive for new and innovative combination.

We produce and sale semi-finished products, and our customers, adding their imagination, create their own decoration in the products.

Nowadays we operate to many different markets, such as patisserie, bakeries, catering, brasseries, hotels, cafes, store chains etc., both in Greece and abroad.

Additionally, extroversion becomes a fact with company's expansion to abroad, in countries like USA, Germany, UK, Poland, Sweden, Romania, Cyprus.

The Company in the new premises in Aharnai Attica, aims to continuously improvement οf production procedures and services for new range of products and ideas, always for final consumer satisfaction.